Why They Love Bundler

Features, UI, support, everyone has their own reasons!

Great app that allows you to create great bundles and custom variants to mix products in the offer, very easy to use with tutorials, videos and explanations. The support is also very responsive and understanding even with a beginner level on wordpress, I highly recommend.


This is the best and most simple to use bundle plugin for Woocommerce.

It presents the offers in a way that makes it a no brainer for clients.


I have tested every plugin out there, trying to find a way to setup offers and bundles for my products.

When I heard about Bundler, I was so excited to try it out, and the results were incredible. It's a real game changer!


Bundler is a perfect addition to our shop. The offers are very easy to set up, the design looks great out of the box and the support is simply great!


I’m highly impressed by how this plugin not only saves time and energy, but is also beginner friendly, well-documented, and allows you to build a 2-way profitable experience with your clients. I highly recommend Bundler to anyone wanting to level up their e-commerce game and make the most out of their products.
Thank you to the developer and support team behind this tool!


I looked at several alternatives to this product, but this one, while still apparently smaller / newer in the segment, struck me as the best option for what we wanted to do. Initially we had a few bugs, but we worked directly with the developer(s) and had everything working perfectly fairly quickly. An easy recommendation. 5/5 stars.


I must say it exceeded my expectations. The app worked flawlessly, allowing me to create attractive bundle offers for my customers. Additionally, the support team was responsive and helpful whenever I needed assistance. Overall, I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to boost sales and offer enticing bundle deals on their WooCommerce store.  


Stunning! On the rare occasion that Bundler skips a beat, the swift customer support sweeps in to mend the situation. Even as a user of the free version, the promptness of their response took me aback – they set everything straight in mere moments, vaporizing a minor CSS anomaly.

As for the Pro version – it was the simplest decision I’ve made. Their superior service and product functionality have secured my highest recommendation!


I was looking for a long time for a plugin with this functionality to increave my AOV, tried many but this one is better designed and easy to set up, it just works. The support is also excellent and responds fast.


We are an ecommerce company running multiple stores in the European market. We tested many plugins, but this one stands out because of its features, especially how it allows us to sell bundled products.

Not only is the plugin great, but its support is brilliant. We faced multiple issues with our plugin setup, and these guys helped us along the way.

Great work, you have made a long term customer today!

DS Ecommerce

I took a while before i found Bundler. This plugin is a changer.. perfect for selling bundles !
One 30
Two 50
Three 60
It is perfect.. Thanks for making the plugin


I had some issues with multicurrency compability with my plugin, they insisted to try to make it compatable and also helped me with all my questions, some custom code & more to make this fit my website & project at best.

Really impressed by the friendliness and openness to help me and that is why I am making a review over here, I am almost never doing reviews if there is not anything that stands out really well. Both the look and feel of the plugin itself and all the others mentioned are superior.

Thank you.