Updated on November 26, 2023

Learn the logic behind offer creation using the Bundler plugin.

1. Choose your product #

The first thing to do is to choose the product you want to create offers for. Bundler Pro is compatible with both simple and variable products. However, if you are using Bundler Lite (the free version of Bundler), you can create offers for simple products only.

For this tutorial, we will use the WooBundles Hoodie example (which is a variable product). Here is what the frontend should look like:

Let’s break it down.

Here we have an offer with 3 bundles (sub-offers). For each bundle, you have the bundle title, the regular price, the sale price and some promotional messages. All this can be customised by the plugin.

In the case of a variable product, the variations are automatically detected by the plugin so you do not need to worry about that for now.

Now let’s see how we can create this offer using Bundler.

2. The offer creation form #

On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Bundler -> Offers -> Add new offer:

Here is what the offer creation form looks like:

Offer creation form for Bundler

  1. Title of the offer (ex: 2 Hoodies + 1 Free). Please note that this title won’t be shown on the frontend.
  2. The offer type: This is only used for research purposes and has no impact on the discount calculation.
  3. The offer status: From here you can enable/disable your offer.
  4. The product: Here you choose the product on which you want to apply the offer.
  5. The discount table: This is the most important part of the offer, as it will determine the discount calculation. Here is how it works:

  1. Add new rule: you can add as much rules as you want for your offer.
  2. Remove rule: use this if you want to remove the rule from the offer. Note that the rule won’t be removed until you click on save button.
  3. Offer / Bundle title: This is the title of your bundle that will be shown on the frontend.
  4. Product quantity in the offer: This is the number of products that are included in this offer (ex: if the offer is Buy 2 Get 1 Free, the product quantity is 3).
  5. Image URL: Optional and allows you to display a thumbnail in front of the offer by adding the image’s link.
  6. Actual/Sale price: The actual price of your bundle/offer. This could be the sale price if the offer has a regular price (see below).
  7. Regular price: Optional and corresponds to the price of your product before discount.
  8. Use fixed multi-currency prices: If you use a multi-currency plugin like CURCY from Villatheme or Product Prices Based On Countries, you can choose to set a different fixed price for each currency instead of using the currency’s exchange rate.
  1. Custom variants and options: to learn more about custom variants and options, please follow this tutorial.
  2. Custom messages: You can preselect an offer and add custom marketing messages to your offer :

Preselected offer: Optional, this lets you choose which offer to select by default, when displaying the offers widget on the product page.

Message 1: Optional and allows you to display a promotional message for the offer.

Message 2: Optional and allows you to display a second promotional message by highlighting the discount/savings.

Message effect: you can add a visual effect for your promotional messages.

If you run on the free version of Bundler (Bundler Lite), most of those fields are included, and they are all you need to create powerful offers for simple products (Bundler Lite does not handle variable products).

But Bundler PRO (The premium version) can handle all types of products.

We have also included 2 different ways to handle variations (product options) in the offers (there is a dedicated tutorial for that). But for now, just keep in mind that there are 2 different ways of handling offer creation for variable products (products with options): Using native Woocommerce variants, or custom variants.

For more details about the offer creation process, make sure to follow the next tutorials.

Still unclear?

Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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