Updated on July 12, 2023

Bundler comes with some settings and options that allow you to customise the design of the bundles on product pages.

Tu customise the design, go to WooBundles -> Settings -> Design settings:

Here you can find the list of design options:

  1. The template design: if you have the free version of Bundler, you will only get access to the classic design. However, if you are a PRO user, you will get access to 2 additional templates: the Booster and the Vertical.
  2. Bundle main color: This is the color used for designing the promo messages, the discount rules and the prices. We recommend that you change this color with your brand’s main color.
  3. Bundle background color: This is the color of the background in an offer.
  4. Active bundle background color: This is the background color used for the active selected bundle.
  5. Bundle widget title: You may want to display a short message before the bundles widget. The bundle widget title help you do so. You can also enable/disable this option.

And on the front-end:

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