Updated on November 26, 2023

Bundler offers multiple templates for the frontend widget that you can use. By default, the template that is used is the classic template.

To change the template, go to Bundler -> Settings -> Template settings :

From there you have the possibility to :

  • Change the template for both mobile and desktop.
  • Show or hide the widget title
  • Customize the widget title.

Below, you can find additional customization settings:

  • Enable the quantity selector: by default, the Woocommerce quantity selector is hidden by the Bundler widget because the quantities are setup inside the bundles. If you still want to use the quantity selector, you should enable this option.
  • Redirect to the cart page or checkout page: you can enable this option to redirect the client to the cart page or the checkout page after a successful add to cart.
  • Show the bundle price in the add to cart button: This is another great option that makes your offers easy to understand. You can enable this option to display the bundle price in the add to cart button like this:

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